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Undergraduate Opportunities

Interested in helping out? We often recruit undergraduate students to help with research.
Here’s what you need to know.

PSYC 479

Juniors and Seniors can work for course credit


We ask for a 2 semester commitment at the 3 credit level (9 hrs/wk)

Honors Thesis

You can do your honors thesis as part of the psychology honors program

What to Expect

RAs do many things from data analytics to conducting participant research. There are always places we need help!


Interested? Apply for a RA position by sending an email describing your qualifications, experience, and interest, along with a current resume to

Graduate Studies

Interested in pursuing graduate level work with us? Follow the application procedures in one of two routes:
Note: We are not currently recruiting for Fall 2020

Department of Psychology

Neuroscience and Cognitive Science

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